Law and Tax Law Services

Thompson & Bogran P.C.

From tax litigation in US District Court to representation at an IRS audit, the attorneys at Thompson & Bogran have Masters' in Taxation and are uniquely qualified to handle all your tax related matters.

Estate Planning
From simple wills to complex trusts; charitable trusts to foundations, living trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, the attorneys at Thompson & Bogran P.C. are ready to deliver to you an estate plan that will serve your unique needs without an excessive amount of complication.

Corporate Law
From LLC's designed for isolated transactions to complex incorporations involving several levels of financing and several classes of stock, Thompson & Bogran P.C. can accommodate all your corporate legal needs.

Financial Fraud Recovery
Certainly a specialty of the firm, we at Thompson & Bogran P.C.. have focused a large amount of our litigation on the recovery of assets fraudulently taken in a wide variety of financial transactions. Frequently, financial fraud is hard to prove, and if proven hard to recover. We have assembled a team of accountants with extensive backgrounds in forensic accounting allowing us the greatest opportunity to recover assets obtained wrongfully.

Thompson & Bogran P.C. has experience handling estates in excess of a million dollars. In conjunction with the probate arena, the firm has vast experience in the preparation of form 706 which is required with taxable estates in excess of a certain value. Through the use of qualified disclaimers and other post mortem planning devices, our attorneys can help maximize your return on an estate probate.

Deferred Compensation
All form of pension and welfare benefit plans are utilized by our tax planners at the firm. Form 412(e) plans for the insurance minded executive to 419 welfare benefit plans for the highly compensated executive, we can design the best pension of profit sharing plan for your company so that all your retirement needs are met.

At Thompson & Bogran P.C., we try to get to know our clients personally, as well as professionally, so that what service we render is not just a "billing event".