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More About Thompson & Bogran P.C.

Roy Thompson - Professional Experience
Roy Thompson is a partner in the firm's taxation, estate planning, commercial and patent litigation practice. Practicing for over thirty years Mr. Thompson brings a wide range of experience, both in law and in business, to the company. Contractors, manufacturers, investors, inventors and patent holders, non-profit organizations, and other professionals are just some of the clients he has represented over the years. Mr. Thompson provides services in all aspects of business law including tax planning, structuring, transactional planning and accomplishment. Although he emphasizes mediation, where necessary he provides exemplary commercial litigation services.

Amy M. Bográn - Professional Experience
Amy M. Bográn is a partner in the firm's taxation, estate planning, transaction, financial planning, and international business practice. She has over 20 years experience working with closely held companies to meet their corporate, taxation, benefit plan, and business succession planning needs. She is fluent in Spanish and has worked with several closely held Central American businesses, owned or inherited by US residents, to meet their business and estate planning needs. She has experience working with import and export regulations and financial transactions.

We focus our practice in three primary areas:
  1. Working with individuals and small businesses on the problems present in today's fast paced business environment. For example, business succession, buyouts, compensation, and pension / retirement plans and the effects, both economic and tax, that any of those will have on the finances of the business and the owners.

  2. Representing consumers in class action litigation. For example, an individual consumer has been harmed, but the size of the harm does not make it cost effective for the single consumer to pursue a remedy. Occasionally, this kind of harm can be redressed through a class action. Our law firm has experience evaluating these cases, doing the necessary research to determine the extent of the harm, perfecting the claim, and proceeding to a successful conclusion.

  3. Representing purchasers of machinery that is either defective or its abilities were misrepresented to the purchaser. For example, a business purchases or finances the purchase of a machine represented as capable of cutting a specific grade of steel with a certain grade of precision. The machinery never achieves the stated performance and the seller refuses to remedy the problem, the purchaser does not think it is able to redress the problem. Our firm has obtained successful results, both in cases where the purchaser was the plaintiff or the defendant and the opposing party was a large multinational corporation.

Our firm's areas of practice allows us to provide all our clients with highly individualized attention to their very complex problems. Our commitment to provide quality legal representation at affordable rates allows us to serve a clientele ranging from multimillion dollar trusts and foundations to small businesses and individuals. The size of our firm allows us to provide a very personal service which keeps our clients free from much of the stress inherent in meeting with an attorney. We invite you to contact us to determine if we can be of service to you.

At Thompson & Bogran P.C., we try to get to know our clients personally, as well as professionally, so that what service we render is not just a "billing event".