Lake Oswego Tax Law Firm

Thompson & Bogran P.C.

Thompson & Bogran PC Law firm was established in 1988, and serves a diverse clientele in business and taxation matters
  • All of the attorneys in the firm have obtained a LL.M. in taxation
  • Representing individuals, businesses, estates, trusts in tax issues
  • Estate planning, class action litigation, benefit plans
Thompson & Bogran P.C. serves clients throughout the United States from our offices in Lake Oswego, Oregon. In addition to the traditional business and estate planning areas of law, we successfully represent clients in highly complex class action lawsuits.

First we define what your needs are as a client. It may be a will; it may be a defined benefit plan; it may be complex business litigation. Whatever the task we define it in its simplest terms. Next we establish a winning formula and economical approach to the problem and we pursue it.

At Thompson & Bogran P.C., we try to get to know our clients personally, as well as professionally, so that what service we render is not just a "billing event".